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James Lee Witt is recognized as the foremost expert in emergency management consulting. James Lee and the AG Witt Team have the experience to help you navigate the complexities of COVID-19 financial recovery funding, and its regulations and compliance requirements.

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The AG Witt Team of recovery specialists is currently leading the way in COVID-19 financial recovery services. Our clients include county and local governments, hospitals and healthcare organizations, and major colleges and universities. Our copyrighted FEMA & Cares Act Funding Guide and Matrix is the most comprehensive guide to all currently available funding sources, eligibility requirements, and programmatic benefit comparisons.

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Our team of professional grant managers will guide you through the complexities of the various federal programs. We will identify the most appropriate COVID-19 financial recovery sources for the reimbursement of expenses you have incurred. We will help your organization take the guesswork out of the decisions you need to make.

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Our priorities are to help you maximize COVID-19 financial recovery funding from all sources while maintaining compliance with programmatic rules and federal regulations. We’ll help you sort through the eligibility and reimbursement issues associated with:

  • Testing and contact tracing

  • PPEs

  • Remote work and services

  • Workplace accommodations

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